5 DIY ways of celebrating women's month

This month is all about celebrating all the amazing women in our lives … even though we

appreciate our mom, grandma, aunt, friend, sister etc. everyday, this month the spotlight is on

them and how much love they show for those around them, that is why we have put together

our 5 favourite Barney Freebies to help you celebrate them!

Let the important women in your life know how much they mean to you (and just exactly how DINO-MITE they are) by sending them a card.

All you have to do is download Barney’s free card template here

Let an important woman in your little one’s life feel special and appreciated by helping your

little one send them 10 reasons why they’re important in their life!

Make someone”s day by giving them a compliment … all you have to do is print out this

freebie, cut strips on the lines and stick the poster up somewhere everyone will get the chance

to tear a complliment off and hand it to someone just to put a smile on their face!

We know that not all teachers are women, but there surely are a few important women helping

develop your little ones’ minds in the classroom! Help your little one give their favourite teacher

the perfect gift with this free downloadable:

We know that you’re already teaching your little one to respect and celebrate women, that’s

why we’re offering a helping hand with a FREE pledge card template for you and your little one

to complete!

There you have it mamas, 5 awesome ways to help your little one celebrate the important

women in their lives … happy August mamas, and remember to also take a moment to

celebrate the amazing mother & women you are!

Until next time!
Barney & Friends