If anyone had told me a year ago, that I would not be able to walk into my local gym, share a cup of coffee with a friend at my local coffee spot or freely take a walk on the beach, I would definitely have come to the conclusion that they were loopy.

In a world where constant change abounds, it is inconceivable that change precipitated by COVID-19 would turn the world on its head, bringing immediate and devastating adjustments to our lives.  Yet, we say that change is good!

Our newly managed lifestyles now include virtual meetings, on-line exercise classes, extended on-line purchasing, on-line courses and virtual church services, all in the comfort of our homes.  Although this all sounds wonderful at face value, it must affect the psyche of anyone who thrives on personal contact, networking and interaction.

The world as we know it has changed and with this change has come a new way of thinking and working.

Sadly the past few weeks have seen the closure of many small businesses, unable to reinvent themselves in the current environment.  With it, however, has come the innovation of changing the way businesses operate.  Rethinking long-term office leases, satellite offices and local and international travel all form part of decisions which will need to be made by executives looking for additional bottom line income.  Affected too will be local and international conventions and summits.  Savings in costs from venue, equipment and décor hire incurred by convention organisers, to flight, hotel and subsistence costs by the attending businesses are only the tip of the iceberg in the area of cost saving.

On the flip-side of the coin, if businesses affected by the current COVID-19 change have not already started to rethink future strategies, they will be eating the dust of competitors in a bid to be a winner in this race that is called time.

The new normal will never be normal as we have always known it and only those realigning their thinking and planning are going to survive the massive transformation that COVID-19 has brought to the lives of families, business owners, organisations and leaders.