Our everyday normality as the BHL team has been turned on its head in the past 2 weeks and we have been forced to look at how to do business differently. We are working more intensely to keep business as usual while looking after ourselves and our families in these unusual circumstances. Although our outputs remain the same, more is required from us and we have learnt how to adapt and keep ticking off our tasks as we relocate from our office to our homes and learn the ins and outs of video calling, communicating and staying motivated.

When the decision was made to begin working virtually, a few days before our President made the lockdown announcement, we came together as a team to discuss what we would all need to make our working effective whilst working virtually. Having this as a joint working session it allowed us to be aligned and act on what we all needed. We have shifted the way we work, and implemented new practices to make sure we are able to continue working as effectively as possible. These are the 10 implementations we made, and tips we have shared with each other to adapt to this new normal:

  1. Daily Check In’s rather than Monday meetings only.
  2. Weekly Bulletins on BHL news, articles and important dates.
  3. WhatsApp Group complete with a Doctor Barbie profile picture.
  4. Flexible Working Time from either 7am – 3pm or 8am – 4pm depending on your home commitments.
  5. Getting dressed, brushing your hair, adding a little bit of make-up and even having your first cup of coffee or tea from your travel mug to make the work day feel ‘normal’
  6. Weekend activities and challenges to motivate and inspire each other.
  7. Staying up to Date with the latest COVID-19 news
  8. Instant Messaging so we don’t lose the ‘water cooler chat’ element of our day.
  9. Supporting our freelancers during this difficult economic time.
  10. Appreciating our retailers who are changing how they work and what they offer in order to keep serving during this time, such as NetFlorist, Takealot and One Day Only.

In the past 2 weeks, this is what we have learnt, but every day we are shifting and evaluating how we can work better. In a time like this when you are forced to focus on imminent risks- we are learning how to adapt and respond to opportunities that may arise; encouraging each other to stay positive and use this time to shift our business mind-set, so that we can work efficiently when we return to some kind of normal.

With the uncertainty globally, we, as a team, are trying our best to continue with business as usual, in these unusual circumstances. To put ourselves and our families first, and to still fill our role as a BHL team member. “If we act together, if we act now, and if we act decisively, we will overcome it.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa.