Each year we as Blue Horizon Licensing look for opportunities to help our community with our products and time to give back on Mandela Day. We have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing organisations over the past few years. This year we reached out to them to find out how we could assist for Mandela Day, and going forward too.

We receive samples of each item as part of our approval process. This means that our office is bursting at the seams with pink Barbie product, flaming Hot Wheels items and educational toys from Fisher-Price, Barney and Thomas and Friends. Every 6 months we do a spring clean of items we no longer need and separate them into different categories to send to NGOs, Childrens Homes, Schools and organisations that will benefit from the products. We are lucky enough to work with licensees that are always willing to come on board with donations and supporting the organisations in our community.

This year for Mandela Day, we worked with 4 organisations that are very close to our company ethos.


Sole2Sole was founded by 9 year old Dario and his sister Liana, they invite people to “Walk a Mile in our Shoes”.  Sole2Sole aims to collect gently worn shoes for those who need it most and gifts them to various communities and schools. We have been privileged enough to have worked with Dario, Liana and Zita for 2 years now. The work that this family does is incredible, from collecting and handing out shoes to children around the country and some countries in Southern Africa. This year we worked with Sole2Sole to hand out 500 pairs of shoes, as well as some other items to children around Gauteng.


Back a Mom with MomSays

A lot of the marketing campaigns we run are partnerships with influencers, and this has allowed us to make strong connections and foster relationships with incredible women and mothers in South Africa. Shanéy is the founder of You Baby and I, one of the first South African parenting blogs, which has been named Africa’s Most Influential Parenting Blog and Best Parenting Blog at the South Africa Blog Awards. Through the community You, Baby and I created, Shanéy launched MomSays, a platform that allows her parenting tribe and community to share trusted opinions on brands and products, and last year, Shanéy made the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list in the Business Category in 2019.

This powerful woman put together an incredible campaign with the Back a Buddy Foundation, Back a Mom. Shanéy asked the moms in her community, “What would you do if you had R500?” Blown away by the responses, Shanéy encouraged the people in her community to contribute to this initiative, and even more so, encouraged the influencers and PR companies in her circle to use their voice and influence to make a difference. Shanéy says, “The money raised from this campaign will be distributed to moms in the community around South Africa. My goal is to make women smile across the country and perhaps help someone keep their lights on or feed a few hungry tummies before they go to bed at night. I cannot do this alone.”

The BHL team each contributed to the Back a Mom campaign for Mandela Day. Shanéy is aiming to reach her target of R50 000. She is currently on R45 600! We were honoured to have been a part of this campaign and to have helped moms in our community and beyond. “Every little bit makes a different. You never know – it may not just change a life – it may change a future and give someone out there the will to go on.”

One Small Act of Kindness

One Small Act of Kindness was established in 2016 by founder Kelly-Ann. Since then they have worked in numerous communities with the purpose of providing people with a hand up, not just a hand out. They are centred on kindness and love during times of hardship and they have been working hard to drive social change where they can.

For Mandela Day, we gathered clothes, toys, books and kids furniture to give to Kelly-Ann and her team to gift to the children in their community. Working with the One Small Act of Kindness team was amazing, and we loved meeting the kids they work with. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Kelly-Ann and the One Small Act of Kindness team to offer their children a hand up and to show them love, kindness and assist in their mission for social change.


Christway Religious and Social Services is a registered non-profit organisation, dedicated and devoted to making a difference in and around their community. Their main focus is on children and elderly people. They have various outreach feeding projects to the lower income and or no income communities and self-catering old age homes. Christway is also involved in numerous other upliftment and skills development programmes.

We continuously work with Elize at Christway to assist in donations of clothes, bedding, shoes, puzzles, toys and DVDs to the children they support in Turffontein. The donation we made on Mandela Day goes to bringing joy and brightening up the lives of the children the Christway organisation supports.


If you would like to assist any of these organisations, you can get in touch using the below links and contact details:





Back a Mom:




One Small Act of Kindness: