Although we are experiencing and living through some of the most uncertain times, of most of our lives, there are some positives in how the pandemic has forced us to relook everything we knew to be normal. From brick and mortar shopping to trends on staying healthy, the pandemic has pushed us out of our comfort zones and forced us to become more innovative in how we do business. Innovation and the ability to adapt in this current climate is crucial. Netflorist showed real adaptability in the face of the pandemic and were very responsive in changing up their product offerings. Having realised that their current range of product would not form part of essential products during level 5 lockdown, Netflorist quickly added fruit and vegetable baskets to their offering. I even received a complimentary bunch of flowers with my order!


Brick & Mortar businesses that have been working on establishing and building their

E-commerce platforms over the years have seemed to weather the COVID storm more successfully than businesses who did not. The rapid speed in technological transformation has been further spurred on by the circumstances we face today. Within a short period of time, Pick ‘n Pay and Bottles announced that they had teamed up to launch their same day delivery service on the Bottles app. With the alcohol ban in place during lockdown, this is an innovative partnership by teaming up with a major grocery retailer and still allowing the app to continue operating.


Short term alternatives currently used by consumers could change long term consumer behaviour and force us to rethink how we conduct business moving forward. I recently heard a saying “Go Big or Go Online” which gives us a pretty good idea on where consumer shopping trends are heading.


Living in this time of change forces us to look at how best we can serve our customer with what they need, and the way in which they need it. By pivoting the way we conduct our business, we will focus on what our customer would like to see from our products and brands.