“This is a wake-up call for both us as consumers and for the industry as a whole. The threat that this pandemic holds over our heads is a call to action for the fashion industry to slow down, move away from mass production, and change direction.” (Cressi; 2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the fashion and retail industry to a halt. This has influenced the consumer’s view of fashion and once the world recovers from this pandemic we can be certain that a new normal will emerge.

The global shutdown will bring about a more conscious consumer, sustainability and transparency in the supply chain will become even more important. Consumers will also be more focused on health and mental well-being rather than materialistic items. Brands will have to adapt and make these factors a norm in order to stay relevant in a consumers mind. Brands will start taking responsibility for the overproduction and overconsumption that took place prior to the pandemic, as everyone starts focusing and wanting to move toward a circular economy.

In terms of fashion trends, loungewear and comfortable items have peaked during this pandemic. We expect consumers to focus on comfortable, easy to wear and durable staple pieces post-pandemic. The decrease in disposable income will result in a shift away from fast fashion to an increase in second hand shopping, wardrobe swaps and re-purposing old items.

Fashion events including fashion weeks around the world were cancelled during this pandemic, leaving brands questioning what the way forward is for crowded fashion events. Amifa Mvuemba, a Congolese designer launched her latest collection: Pink Label Congo: through a digital 3D fashion show, showing people what the new normal for fashion shows could look like. Designers will most likely start creating trans-seasonal collections that will accommodate consumers by not adding pressure to update their wardrobe every season.

The fashion industry is forever changing and I do not doubt that it will adapt post-Covid pandemic. I am looking forward to and excited to see what the new normal for fashion will be.